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Forward Ink

Firm digital backbone that can grow.

The Project

In this case study, the need for one fluent business solution became glaringly apparent. As is the case with all organisations, certain standards in internal processes and systems must be met in order for progress to be sustained. We worked in close consultation with Forward Ink to find the best ways to integrate software and share data; our goal always being to formulate a firm “digital background” on which to build unstymied growth.

The Challenge

It was clear form the outset that this company lacked knowledge and fluency in the back office, and were relying on antiquated systems & processes. They had been doing everything manually –– recording important data without the assurance of data security. We could see the need for one central business solution that could do it all. We also identified that we could help greatly in breathing-in new life to the company, via vital new concepts and strategies. But first, we had to analyse where things were really going wrong.

The Approach

The team at CROFTI initially started with a Discovery Session. We were able to forge the way forward by looking at what they’ve tried and what has and hasn’t worked. After being able to fully understand their goals and what they aspired to achieve for their business, we introduced our vision and strategy in coordination with Forward Ink’s own. As a part of this, we redesigned all sales and operational processes for the organisation. Then, we implemented the cloud CRM Zoho with integration into the client’s choice of MYOB and Neto systems.


Instead of Forward Ink needing to constantly check when clients need to be contacted, the system now notifies when client contact is required and takes applicable staff through the sales process. Once orders have been placed, the system handles the heavy lifting of communicating with the client –– particularly concerning their order and any future items that may be of interest. When it comes to the double handling of data and issues with reporting, these are now issues of the past!

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