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Struggling with Inefficient Business Processes?

CROFTI’s innovative solutions drive business growth, optimising your operations, sales, and tech strategy. Your journey towards digital transformation starts here.

Welcome to CROFTI - Where Innovation Meets Strategy

At CROFTI, we are your guides on the path of digital and technological transformation. As a leader in innovation strategy and business consulting services, we breathe life into your business processes, leveraging the latest in tech trends to elevate your operations and sales performance. Our mission is to energise, engage, and inspire businesses to capitalize on growth opportunities that lie ahead, pioneering new standards in business optimization.

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Here’s what CROFTI can do for you!

Business Process Improvement

Unlock your business potential with BPI! Dive deep into streamlined operations, uncover savings, and rise above the competition with insights that transform and drive growth

Microsoft 365 Strategy & Implementation

We're not just experts, we're your dedicated partners in carving a custom path to weave Microsoft 365 seamlessly into the very fabric of your business. Let's elevate your processes together

HubSpot Sales Enhancement

Unleash the full power of HubSpot! Dive deep into your processes, spotlighting gaps and crafting data-backed strategies. Experience swifter sales cycles, boosted conversions, and soar to new revenue heights

Artificial Intelligence

Catch the next wave of technological innovation with AI. Stay ahead, anticipate trends, and ensure your business isn't just keeping pace but leading the charge. With CROFTI's experienced approach to AI you can get practical value fast.

Sales Process Improvement

Boost your sales journey with our Sales Process Improvement! We dissect your current strategies, spotlighting room for growth and sculpting data-centric solutions. Watch as your sales cycle quickens, conversions skyrocket, and your revenue reaches new summits

Why choose CROFTI?

At CROFTI, you’re not just partnering with a firm, but with a collective of seasoned Innovation Consultants, Business Analysts/Strategist, Tech Engineers, and Developers adept at steering through the digital era. 

We dive deep into understanding your unique challenges, forging bespoke solutions that translate into tangible results. Our compass? Core values that celebrate Customer Commitment, Efficiency, Teamwork, Accountability, Integrity, and Results. 

Every stride we make in innovation consulting is lit by the successes of our clients. This not only amplifies our passion but also stands testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity. So, when you’re ready to chart a transformative course, remember: with CROFTI by your side, you’re bound to catalyse unprecedented growth. Take that leap today, and let’s script tomorrow’s success stories together

Daniel Boyes

Chief Growth Officer @ Growth Australia

We engaged the team at Crofti to assist us in our transition from an outdated CRM which was essentially being used as a deal tracker into a dynamic sales solution in HubSpot. Lucas and the Crofti team’s hands on process made this implementation seamless for us to manage and their innovative approach challenged our thinking on how we could maximize our data and sales process. Thanks for all of your great work Crofti!