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Holmwood Highgate

Kept the business ahead with innovation in tech.

The Project

Like all businesses, there’s a constant need to stay ahead of the game. CROFTI built a solid working relationship to facilitate this. Whilst we will also provide the standard IT fixes, we’re passionate about keeping business moving. A large part of this happens through the power of tech. We recognised from the beginning that a strong understanding of this organisation’s mission and goals would need to be defined, maintained and maximized.

The Challenges

Once upon a time, Holmwood Highgate handled their technology support internally. When they were a small team (made up of some very tech-savvy staff) it was feasible to keep things this way. However, over time the size of their team grew considerably. Their IT support requirements started to morph into a full-time task –– in and of itself. Staff who had been hired for specific engineering roles were now finding it hard to meet their own deadlines. Our challenge was to free up resources for this organisation and improve their overall outcomes.

The Approach

CROFTI took a traditional manufacturing business on a journey from old, inflexible email systems through to a secured cloud infrastructure for emails and applications. There’s still some legacy of the ERP software (that’s been in place within the business for the past 25 years) that needs to be maintained. We’ve developed relationships with various vendors to better understand their direction as an organisation. We are consistently looking for the best ways to ensure that Holmwood Highgate is performing optimally.


We’ve modernised Holmwood Highgate’s working practices with a hybrid setup of local server infrastructure. This caters to the legacy of ERP, as well as the high demands of AutoCAD and modelling workloads. We implemented this in conjunction with the migration of their email and data services to the cloud. With some great forward-thinking and buy-in from the company’s senior management, we’re now digging deeper into ideas from their team to future-proof their manufacturing process and make their company even more world-class.

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