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Innovating the future, powering today since 2014 🚀

Welcome to CROFTI, the epicenter of innovation and cutting-edge technology. We are a team that doesn’t just innovate; we live, breathe, and embody innovation. We find fulfillment and purpose in empowering businesses, engaging with them and stirring them with daily inspiration.

Meet the Innovation Team

Based in Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Our team is an eclectic mix of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, thoughtful and reserved visionaries, and quiet achievers who let their work do the talking. Discover the faces behind the innovations that drive and support your business.

Lucas Meadowcroft


Essentially a walking think tank fueled by adrenaline and wanderlust; he's got one foot on Earth, another aiming for Mars, and a playbook that turns "impossible" into "done."

Dean cavanagh


A mastermind in AI and automation consulting, our expert blends the strategic foresight of a chess grandmaster with the innovative spirit of a leading tech visionary. Known for turning complex AI concepts into seamless solutions, he approaches each challenge with the precision. His expertise isn't just in making technology work; it's about pioneering intelligent systems that transform the way we do business.

Amy Giles


CROFTI's strategy guru, operational virtuoso and canine enthusiast; she's so good at keeping things running smoothly, we're convinced her spirit animal is a Swiss Army knife.

jerlie baruiz

digital marketing specialist

Our digital marketing siren, luring audiences with her brand tales as skillfully as she navigates the depths of freediving; if marketing had a deep end, she'd be the mermaid queen.

krishan wishwa

Microsoft Developer

Young but sage, Krishan codes like Mozart composed, balancing logic with leisure; when he's not crushing it in the digital arena, you'll find him hitting cricket boundaries.

Shalitha Senanayaka

Microsoft API Developer

Our back-end virtuoso, stitching digital landscapes as effortlessly as he embarks on real-world adventures; he's equally at home navigating lines of code or a rugged mountain trail.

madame molly


CROFTI's Chief Cuddle Officer, specializing in walkies and snack optimization; she's the canine strategist behind every well-timed tail wag and Kong toy conquest.

At CROFTI, we’re passionate about advancing technologies and setting the pace for business optimization. We provide the guidance you need to seize the growth opportunities of tomorrow, today. Our goal? To lead your business through a transformative journey that demands patience, time, and perseverance. We call this the Innovation Journey, and we’re ready to accompany you every step of the way.