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Interior Fitouts

Reduced frustrations in technology and support.

The Project

Before they came to us, it was clear that Interior Fitouts were being dealt a disservice. Their IT requests were being routed offshore to a helpdesk in a different time zone –– taking over 12 hours to respond! Urgent requests were sometimes handled in 4 hours. Unsurprisingly, their management wanted to explore better options. At CROFTI, we not only offer & implement innovative strategies to solve problems, but will lend an ear to help businesses feel “heard”.

The Challenges

The technology in place at Interior Fitouts was a mixture of business and home use. The staff had lost faith in IT services and productivity. This all needed to change, and quickly! Whilst things inevitably get tricky in the world of innovation, the reliable support and systems (which underpin everything) would allow this business to stay strong and resilient. Our approach is systematic so this is what we would be working on, first and foremost. From there, we would see what else could naturally be improved.

The Approach

Interior Fitout’s initial engagement with our team was centred around bringing their systems up to a reasonable business-standard. This would be achieved without replacing their existing technology investment –– even though some are not business-grade devices. With this came a strong support and communication process/strategy. We instructed management on how to establish this with their staff and let them vent all their existing issues and frustrations.


Addressing the culture around technology and support frustrations has led to a steady path of success and stability for the team. We have freed up their systems and processes, allowing them to focus on what they do best. The team behind Interior Fitouts now feels empowered in knowing that they can get help quickly and easily. Steps towards innovating their key systems and IP are now underway. The organisation is now characterised by a renewed sense of optimism!

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