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Case Studies

At CROFTI, we think creatively to develop and enhance innovative strategies for your business. Whether it’s planning a new product launch, improving your current processes, or automating your systems, we lead the charge. We also excel at connecting the dots in unique ways to help you surpass your goals and boost productivity. Our case studies prove it:

We are focused on achieving results!

Logo Line

Revolutionizing HR Processes: Logoline’s Strategic Partnership with CROFTI

Scully RSV

Breaking Language Barriers: ScullyRSV's Multilingual Digital Innovation

Community Focus

Streamlining Service Delivery in NDIS Through Bespoke Tech Solutions

Fit Education

Full automation, with reduced HR overheads that drastically improve product delivery.

Forward Ink

Firm digital backbone that can grow

Holmwood Highgate

Kept the business ahead with innovation in tech.

Interior Fitouts

Reduced frustrations in technology and support

Power 2 Brisbane

Safely secured data and backup system implemented

Walkerbai Consulting

Workflow efficiency & productivity management

“I would recommend Lucas Meadowcroft and CROFTI to people who need to improve their work processes that use any software. I am very satisfied with their response time, ability to identify and quickly fix the IT problems (including applications) I encounter. They also follow up to check that problems have been solved.”