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Memo Mailer App!

Memo Mailer is a free digital audio voice recorder. It has been designed to clear your head of mind clutter, and make sure you never forget an action or an idea. Memo Mailer will sky-rocket your productivity! What makes this digital audio recorder so unique is that as soon as you press the button to record your memo it is sent automatically to your Inbox. There is no need to type your email address every time you wish to send your audio voice memo. No need to go and find the sound file on your device – it just gets emailed straight to your Inbox. Now that is productive! Even better, Memo Mailer is a free voice recorder. You can add a second record button to send memos to your EA, assistant or a colleague if you upgrade to the paid version. To use Memo Mailer, all you need to do is insert your email address in the settings screen before getting started. Then just press the large blue button to record an audio voice memo and have it sent automatically to your Inbox. Easy. Watch your productivity soar! Memo Mailer requires IOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Features – Voice memos sent straight to your Inbox – Simple interface – Large Record button – Upgrade to include Record button for second person – Never forget anything again Download for FREE! google-play-badge button-appstore

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