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How to Keep Your Business Safe When You’re Going on Holiday

A few more days until the holidays! Kids and adults alike are all excited to celebrate and to take a break from our usual eat, sleep, business routine. Some of you may have out of town getaways or staycations with the family while some still prefer to work (raise your hand if you do lol).  Before we all head away it’s important to also keep our businesses and homes safe for the holiday season can bring many hazards and risks. 

We’ve come up with these 5 business safety and security tips to help keep you, your business and even your homes safe.

Lock up your valuables 

Keep your valuables tucked away and hidden from view. You don’t want potential thieves to glance in a window and see televisions, gadgets, laptops, checkbooks, valuable company property and cash boxes that can be quickly taken from your home or office. You may want to invest in a safe box hidden in a secured area.

Use High-End Technology Solutions 

Update your security measures by investing in motion-detection cameras that can record and stream live video to your mobile phones. Ensure all security equipment is working i.e. alarm systems, smart locks, panic buttons, and cybersecurity software.

Back Up your Data 

Before you leave or prior to traveling it is essential that you back up your data that is stored on different devices such as USB, phone, HDD. You can use the cloud to store your important information and make sure that you don’t have any passwords, credit card information and other sensitive data stored on your devices.

Public Wi-Fi 

Be cautious using Public Wi-Fi when checking your business email. Personal information and other confidential business data can be left vulnerable to theft and online hacking. Update your employees regarding this if they plan to travel and work remotely over the holiday break. We strongly suggest that you encrypt your data as it makes your data unreadable and unusable to those lacking the necessary tools to unlock it.

Keep off Social Media 

Sharing your agenda or location on Social Media allows potential thieves to keep track of where you are, making it easier for them to plan and time a crime. We suggest that you wait to post your trip until you get home.


Bottom line is if you abide by these guidelines, you’ll surely have a much better chance of avoiding security breaches and identity theft while traveling. Take a well deserved holiday while making sure that you’ve done all you can to keep your business and your home secured.  


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