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G1 Asset Management

G1 Asset Management provides Certified Data Destruction Solutions that can ultimately erase your data in Australian Quality Standards. They ensure that data security us handled with the critical care it deserves. So you won’t need to worry of your data getting leaked out after it’s destruction. Read more about G1 below.

The 2 major reasons G1 exist are :

  1. Environmental education of the business community
  2. Assisting those less fortunate than ourselves to improve their education as we believe that education is primarily the answer to poverty

In expanding further on these topics, many companies still don’t understand the importance of corporate social responsibility in respect of disposing of assets in a proper environmentally friendly, green, responsible way. It is essential to keep computer equipment out of landfills, rubbish dumps etc for the health and well being of our current and future environment and to keep our planet as clean and green as possible for our families and for the generations to come.  The last 5 years have seen a remarkable improvement in this area and large companies have created divisions in their organisations and positions such as “Sustainability Environment Manager” which reflects the importance of taking responsibility of waste.  G1 plays a vigilant part in the business community for this process.

We have also established humanitarian markets in Africa and the Middle East where families who are in abject poverty can still afford a good quality second hand computer and have been able to improve their education by having a computer at home or one they can take to school. This is very important in terms of futures for young children, self esteem and lifting them out of poverty into a better quality lifestyle, influencing their societies to raise and produce leaders in their communities and countries. G1 are actively involved in assisting indigenous children in remote parts of Australia by providing free computers to greatly assist them in their quality of education G1 is proud to play a huge part in this business both domestically and internationally. For further inquiries please contact Paul  Prokic at G1 asset management on 0421990575 or email inquiry to