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Deciding whether to accept each invite on Linkedin can be a little overwhelming when piled up, it would also seem wasteful to throw out potentially valuable business contacts — yet strange to share so much with someone you haven’t met.


I’d say, accepting invites on Linkedin should align your goals of networking.  The benefit lies on being able to build contacts you can rely on every professional scenario you can possibly encounter.  An introduction, a recommendation, a job or client opportunity that would be a good fit.

  1. Job referrals. Arguably the best way to get a job is to be referred by someone that the company you are applying who knows and trusts. By connecting with people beyond those you know personally, you expand your chances of being introduced to just the right hiring manager or recruiter.
  1. Professional awareness. Putting yourself out there as a professional and letting your credentials be viewed by the highest number of people possible gives you the best chance at meeting your professional goals in business, in job search or on finding the right partners. If you receive a connection request from someone you don’t know, it’s obvious that people are aware of you. If you are worried about that, it is simple to email that person and ask how they found you on LinkedIn and what made them want to connect with you.

So instead of accepting every requests, weigh quality over quantity and accept those that build your network up, not weigh it down.  It’s easy to build your network by adding thousands of people you do not know but that won’t be helpful as these connections are supposed to matter.

Your total number of network connections means nothing if it doesn’t add value and advance your goal. You need to build a network that will bring you connections, solutions and opportunities.