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Learn how to systemise and automate your business!

Do you know which business processes are holding you back?
Are your systems causing your team to be frustrated and stopping them from achieving more in their role?
Do you want to achieve more with the same, or less, resources?

Whether you want to streamline your business, create efficiency, alleviate team frustration, or innovate in order to grow your business, our innovation workshops are the key to your success.

Want to Innovate but don’t know where to start?

Have no idea if you want/need to innovate but want to see if there’s any benefit there for your business?

Undertaking an Innovation Workshop is what many companies are doing who are in your position.

An Innovation Workshop takes you and up to 9 others through an exploration of frustrations, ideas and brainstorming of what the future could look like.

Giving your staff an opportunity to be open, we’ll be surprised if you’re not, of what your staff have to share.

With 2 of our innovation consultants leading you through a half-day session and producing a report after, you’ll be ready to kickstart your business into a future state.



CROFTi Strategy Sessions is a closed boardroom style event for established business owners. Entry into the event is subject to meeting the below criteria.

1. Your business is turning over at least $1M in annual revenue

2. You currently have a team

3. You’ve been a business owner for at least 3 years.

This ensures everyone at the event is at a relatively equal experience level and can get value out of the session.

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