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"Breaking Language Barriers: ScullyRSV's Multilingual Digital Innovation"

Scully RSV stands at the forefront of refrigerated transport solutions in Australia. With a fleet that includes everything from compact utes to massive B Double and tri axle trailers, ScullyRSV’s 30-year legacy is built on delivering cold chain solutions nationwide. Their expansive network includes 5 hub locations and 9 branches, all staffed by over 40 dedicated professionals. Reflecting Australia’s rich multicultural landscape, ScullyRSV boasts a diverse team proficient in Australian English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu, underpinning their commitment to inclusive and effective customer engagement.

The Problem

Diverse Communication, Unified Solutions

Despite ScullyRSV’s seasoned experience and robust fleet, they encountered a gap in digital customer service that failed to harness their staff’s multilingual capabilities. With the goal to better connect with their diverse customer base, they sought to create an online platform that not only showcased their linguistic diversity but also facilitated seamless communication with customers in their native languages.

The Solution

CROFTI’s Customised Tech Triumph

CROFTI stepped in with its expertise to bridge this communication divide. Recognizing the unique needs of ScullyRSV, they crafted bespoke landing pages and integrated an intuitive chatbot via HubSpot, specifically designed to guide visitors to connect with the multilingual staff, enhancing customer service and engagement.


A Technological Tapestry of Languages

In collaboration with ScullyRSV, CROFTI’s team, including Meagan, Zunir, Godwin and Jerlie, embarked on a precise implementation process. They developed and launched three distinct landing pages, each tailored to the three primary languages of ScullyRSV’s clientele – Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. Accompanying these pages, a multilingual chatbot was installed, rigorously tested to ensure a smooth user experience.

Check out the full user experience herea.


Two Weeks to a World of Difference

In just two weeks, ScullyRSV transformed their digital presence. The multilingual landing pages and chatbot didn’t just cater to a linguistic variety—they created a welcoming digital entry point for a broader audience. This strategic move not only enhanced customer relations but also positioned ScullyRSV as an inclusive leader in the industry, likely contributing to increased revenue streams by tapping into a wider, more engaged customer base.

By localizing their website and employing innovative tech solutions, ScullyRSV has set a new industry standard for customer engagement, proving that language need not be a barrier, but a bridge to better business and broader horizons.

Are you looking to connect with a diverse customer base and expand your market reach?

If ScullyRSV’s journey resonates with you and you’re aiming to break down language barriers in your own business, it’s time to innovate and adapt. Get in touch with us to discover how our tailored digital solutions, including multilingual landing pages and custom chatbots, can transform your customer engagement and drive your business forward. Don’t let language limit your potential—let’s talk about your vision and how we can bring it to life.