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Revolutionizing HR Processes: Logoline’s Strategic Partnership with CROFTI

Introduction about Logoline

Logoline, standing out in the competitive manufacturing landscape for promotional products, has significantly contributed to the marketing campaigns of various businesses. With a robust workforce of approximately 180 staff across two locations, their operational efficiency is pivotal. Despite their stronghold in the industry, Logoline was grappling with significant operational challenges, particularly with their outdated payroll and scheduling systems, which severely compromised their seamless production flow and overall workplace efficiency.

The Solution

Seeking an unbiased, innovative approach, Logoline engaged with CROFTI, a consultancy known for its fresh perspective on technology solutions. Their unique approach to understanding raw requirements and exploring the market without preconceptions made them the ideal partner for addressing Logoline’s challenges.


CROFTI initiated the project with a comprehensive review of Logoline’s existing processes to establish a baseline of minimum input and desired outcomes. This meticulous analysis resulted in a “shopping list” of features and capabilities that guided the market review, culminating in three potential solutions. Despite CROFTI’s recommendation for the most cost-effective option, Logoline opted for an alternative solution that aligned better with their interface and reporting preferences.


The consultative process from the initial interview to the presentation of the final report, recommendations, and ROI/timeline spanned 8 weeks. This expedited timeline allowed Logoline to focus on evaluating the top three vendor solutions identified by CROFTI, thereby streamlining their decision-making process.


Logoline’s partnership with CROFTI quickly yielded positive results, revealing new vendors and solutions that were previously off their radar and igniting the possibility for future enhancements in their HR processes. The expected long-term benefits were equally promising, with projections indicating at least a 50% reduction in the time consumed by payroll and HR processes. This efficiency gain was anticipated to free up administrative staff for higher-level tasks, significantly enhancing productivity.

Value Demonstration

The projected ROI of 50% in the first year, with potential for further improvement, underscored the substantial impact of CROFTI’s engagement. However, the most significant metric of success was the anticipated shift in strategic thinking and outcomes due to the liberation of management from daily payroll and scheduling oversight.


This case study exemplifies how regular and in-depth reviews of operational processes can dramatically enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. For businesses encumbered by traditional or outdated technology, external resources like CROFTI offer a pathway to unbiased, innovative solutions that drive significant results, demonstrating the transformative power of external expertise in navigating the complexities of modern business operations.

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