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CROFTi’S Simple Guide to Working From Home

Working from home can be productive and fun with the right technology. Recent figures show that people who started working from home are less stressed, happier, engaged and have lower chances of absenteeism. For some who have just started transitioning, they may feel disconnected from their coworkers but there is indeed a lot of benefits/advantages this new norm can provide you. 

Dress Code

When you work from home, every day is (very) casual Friday! Wear your pajamas all day, messy hair, no rules, your boss won’t care! As long you’re cozy then you’re good to go.

Custom Environment 

Your office can literally be ANYWHERE! In the living room, at your bedroom, on the terrace, breakfast table as long as there’s a good internet connection, no one’s stopping you. 

Save Money & Time

If you’re that person who commutes every day, and wakes up super early to catch the train then you’ll immediately see a difference in your bank account! And you don’t have to worry about waking up late anymore. Plus you won’t have to pay for expensive lunches and the $5 coffee down the street. At home, you can make your own food and coffee. 

Stay Focused 

Working through a tough deadline? then being at the comfort of your home can help you stay focused, just simply change your Microsoft Teams or whatever Chat Software you’re using status to DO NOT DISTURB. 

More Time with Family or Loved Ones 

Get a better work/life balance, and spend more time with your family or your pets. Leading to improvement in health and well-being. 

What Tools Do You Need?

Internet Connection 

A good and reliable internet connection is definitely needed, but it doesn’t have to be super fast if your work revolves around emails & Google Searches. 


A desktop or laptop, we suggest to have both. The other one is meant to be a backup. Make sure all your apps are updated to the latest version, if not you can ask your IT department to check it for you or give CROFTi a call and we’ll check and update it for you remotely. 

Real-time Communication Apps 

We love Microsoft! and obviously we’ll always recommend Microsoft Teams. So wherever you are located in your house you can simply respond to quick messages from your team, send files, video call and collaborate in this all-in-one app! Anything you want, MS Teams have it. 

The shift towards working from home is not for everyone, but there are things that might surprise you and make you feel better about what it’s like to not go into the office every day. The way we use to live life now may be different but always remember that there’s a great rainbow waiting at the end of the tunnel. If you’re new to this and are still struggling to do your best, be productive or even get started, TALK TO US and we’ll help you.

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