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Why Your Business Needs CRM Implementation

Better Communication: Be better prepared and organised with your team and customers because the information is all in one system. 


Organise Your Data: With Customer Relationship Management you get a complete and accurate record of a customer with one click.   

Management Made Simple: Track all your activities and customer exchanges.  

Manage Your Growth: Don’t let yourself be overloaded as your business grows. Investing in a CRM now will help in management and limiting the overload, so no lucrative deal falls through just because things weren’t better organised   


So What Can CROFTi Do For You? 

Quite a lot actually! CROFTi offers services in:

  • CRM setup  
  • Data migration  
  • Defining deal stages 
  • Lead stages
  • Contact filters 
  • Dashboarding 
  • Lead forms 
  • Live chat 
  • Shared Mailbox 
  • Email templates 
  • Sequences 
  • Document Library  
  • Meeting links 
  • Cleaning up of data weekly/monthly 


Plus, you can always rely on us if you need any additional support and training. We are willing to go above and beyond to assist you in bettering your business.  Every one of these features listed can be set up and implemented through us.  We’ll do the hard work for you! CROFTi will make everything possible for your business by being your gateway into HubSpot’s products and services.   Here’s more of what you can get from implementing Customer Relationship Management from HubSpot.    

Using lifecycle stages

The best companies are the ones who are capable of building relationships that benefit both sides, so the customers stick with you for longer.  So, what can you do to distinguish yourself from the rest?  How can you identify what needs to be done for your business to build those long-term relationships?  HubSpot’s Lifecycle Stage property will allow you and your team to group your contacts based on where they are at in your marketing and sales processes.  

Why is it important?  

Apart from optimizing your process?  Well, by grouping and updating your contacts based on lifecycle stages you will be better equipped to identify patterns you can use to your advantage.  You’ll be able to collect insights on your strategy and its effectiveness like never before, learning things like how long it takes for you to close a customer or what processes or stages result in your business stalling.  

  • Understand where leads are in the buying process 
  • Align marketing and sales 
  • Provide content to your leads 
  • Get more information on what the lead needs 
  • Streamline your sales pipeline by prioritising activities and nurturing leads more efficiently 

Take Control of Your Sales Pipeline  

Add a deal with just one click, assign tasks to push deals forward and track progress in your dashboards. Predict your revenue and recognisany roadblocks in your sales process.   Get a visual representation of your sales process and keep track of deals within your sales pipeline to give yourself a more complete picture of your projected revenue for a given time.  image12-9 

With HubSpot’s CRM you will have a clear and updated view of your entire sales pipeline on a clean and appealing visual dashboard. 

  • Total visibility  
  • Easily sort through deals won and lost, appointments and contracts  
  • Track performance.  
  • Quickly organise and categorise deals by name, owner, amount or stage with custom filters.  

Sales Enablement 

Why Do You Need It? 

  • To Analyse Your Sales Process 
  • To Better Understand Your Leads 
  • To Produce Case Studies 
  • To Create Email Templates and Sequences 

The modern business is driven by data, but tons of information coming in can overwhelm anyone and hurt your sales productivity. Taking too much time production stalling and deals getting killed.  Sales enablement through HubSpot is what empowers sales teams to sell with more efficiency at a higher velocity through technology, processes and content.  sales enablement strategy is an excellent way for us to help you get sales and marketing working hand in hand.    With this, life will be easier and more efficient for you and your business.   For example, we know how time-consuming reading and replying to emails can be.  People can spend hours agonising over email copy and hours more sending dozens of follow up emails per day.  As you can see, you’re able to automate much of the process with HubSpot and save a lot of time by developing customisable templates, follow up email sequences and personalised messages to prospects.   

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