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Why Build an Offshore Team?

In a developed and wealthy country such as Australia, we are blessed with good opportunities and infrastructure in doing business.

However, this same strength also represents a weakness, in that labour costs and overheads are high, and we are bound by very restricting regulations with employment.

The bigger corporations have led the way with moving operations offshore, mostly of course to save costs and increase profits. But as time goes on, and with the constant globalisation of how we do business and the ever changing technology, it has never been easier to connect with and do business with others overseas for Small & Medium Size Enterprises.

There are obvious financial advantages to setting up a team offshore. Savings on staff in the Philippines are generally between 50-75%, depending on the role. But do you know that there are many other advantages? For instance, you no longer need to worry about restrictive Australian policies around payroll tax, workers’ compensation, sick leave entitlements, annual leave, and superannuation. None of these matters, as you can just pay a fully inclusive price, and everything is taken care of for you.

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