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The Cloud - For Businesses

Did you know? The Cloud has been around since 1960’s, in fact it has only been really used by businesses in the last 10+ years. The value which cloud solutions add to an organisation is remarkable! Even if you are a small business it will do great wonders.

Understanding the Cloud

A lot of businesses fear the Cloud because of SECURITY. Humans are so used it tangible things and the cloud isn’t one of them, the feeling of losing control over data can sometimes become overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t let that be the case with the Cloud; the benefits that come with it can greatly increase the ability for a business to scale and increase productivity.  

Generally, companies who provide Cloud services and storage options have a high level of security around them, however nothing in the IT world is 100% secure. This is why we always recommend having a back-up of your Cloud data on another Cloud providers offering – this is called a Cloud-to-Cloud backup. 

The Cloud itself refers to a centralised location on the internet that stores your data, allowing you access from wherever and whenever, making it highly accessible. So, if you have offices overseas or if you’re always on the go and traveling, you can access the Cloud.  

The Benefits of Using the Cloud

Businesses, SME’s have embraced it due to its number of benefits, including but not limited to:  

  1. Decreased Hardware Maintenance Cost
  2. Ability to Scale Hardware with the press of a button
  3. Ability to create new servers and remove them at a press of a button when you no longer require them, that means only paying for the resources used in the time used.
  4. 10,000 + Applications are now available to be utilized within your business offering endless choice for systemisation and automation.
  5. Time savings, because Cloud servers are regularly updated so you don’t have to spend time and money doing it yourself.  

If you are a non-technical person (which most business owners are) saving and accessing the files on the Cloud is easy, the process of moving to the Cloud is easy as well. To move to the Cloud you just need to choose the right provider, setup an account and then it’s a matter of compiling all the data you have locally in your business, organising it, migrating it to the Cloud account and setting up local access to it on your business computers. If you think of the costs, it’s necessary to consider that moving to the Cloud adds value to your business. Over the years the process has been refined as the Cloud is now nothing new. Early adopters have already worked out all the issues and paid the big bucks to have the process refined. Scalability! 


Start small and then as the time goes, gradually increase your usage, pay only for the services and access you need, all the while reducing the costs without sacrificing productivity. So why the resistance? By now you’d be compelled by the amount of benefit this can provide your business, we can help you! Talk to one of our expert representatives and we’ll help you decide if the Cloud matches your organisation’s needs! 

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