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September to Remember

After a week of the Man Flu I had a speaking gig I was booked into on  Friday morning, 1st September, for CLICK! Digital. I was still feeling like crap but I pulled myself together, took heaps of pills and drank heaps of fluid and got myself to the event. Click Digital is a 2 day event held each year at the convention centre and I’ve had the opportunity to speak 2 years in a row, which is great! It went well with a really good response from the crowd. The only thing I would mention is Click Digital has been running these events for a few years now and they just don’t pull a good crowd. There are so many speakers adding a lot of value and yet there is no marketing so no one is even aware of the event in the first place. I met some other cool people speaking at the event so it made it all worth it before heading home and collapsing back in bed!  21232068_10155736475508708_2425668524876691932_n This week we submitted our proposal to the Steve Baxter investment program. Nervous as hell while we wait. I also headed back down to The Entourage for 3 days on sales. It was super cool and inspiring! We got to focus on how to present in the right format to the right personality and how to close a deal. I also spent half a day learning and implementing Facebook for Business. Wow, there is so much you can do with it! Looking forward to using it in the business.I attended my best mate, Howie, sisters baby’s christening. I have grown up with Howie’s family since I was 10, going water skiing every second weekend and attending the annual wet n wild work event, so their family is like my family. The christening was very nice with Howie making his debut as a godfather, wow we are growing up now!
Currently, in Australia we are voting on whether gay couples should be allowed to legally marry so perfect timing with this christening as the two baby girls are from IVF as the two parents, including Howie’s sister, are lesbians. I still struggle to understand why this vote is even needing to happen. Check out my Facebook Post here. 21371322_1885532521709396_4943243084085261654_n I booked two music events for Amy’s bday next year so super excited about that! James Blunt with Pete Murray playing on the grass at Sirromey Wines and Foo Fighters who are playing at Suncorp Stadium. Yes, Aims is aware of the tickets as she doesn’t like surprises so she chooses her bday presents. lol We took on a few more consulting clients this month completing Business Process Transformation projects, where we go into the clients business and interview all staff members to understand in detail what the employees’ tasks are on a day to day basis. This uncovers all the manual processors so we can put together a business case on how to automate and systemise as much as possible in the business. This is kinda like an Audit. It went very well with the clients signing off to complete the implementation of the systems we presented. Screen-Shot-2013-09-04-at-1.36.57-PM I was lucky enough to attend a few more podcasts this month, The Theatre of You, which will be released in November. Link here, Entrepreneur Magazine, link here.  The cool thing I hadn’t done in the past was book in a follow-up meeting with the person who interviews me on their podcast. This paid off a treat as Heidi who interviewed me on The Theatre of you, is well connected and was able to do some introductions for me straight away with potential partners and clients. This is something I will be doing in the future with all podcast interviews. I’ll also put it out to you guys, if you come across a podcast you would think I could add value then I would be more than welcome to tee up to be interviewed.I took Aims to her first Float this month, she didn’t like it much at all. Found it very hard to relax the mind as it’s very stressful in the business this month. Maybe if she tries again it will be a better experience. If you want to try it out, then check out their website I love anything meditation and floating and always love to try new ways to release the stress. Check out my tips in getting shit done with the stress here.We are finding clients are pushing their projects back further and further which puts pressure to find more projects but then what we are finding everyone is giving us the go signal at the same time, so we are needing to work on our project management scheduling and communication with clients and because we are too nice we, of course, are saying yes to everyone which then puts more stress on the teams and the business. We are still trying to find a balance to this.I attended a snore sleep study to diagnose and understand why my sleep patterns are the way they are and how to stop my snoring, on waking Amy up in the middle of the night 10 times. As you can imagine this doesn’t make her very happy. I will get the results back in 6 weeks. 21731233_10155777941228708_6977170150051096835_n Now that we have both sides of the business back together again I signed up to Hubspot Sales with the focus on pushing the business for growth in both Consulting and Unlimited IT Support. The first HubSpot session was great and helped me understand how to automate the sales process. I guess all the years I’ve been doing sales I have just fallen into the role as I love talking to clients and solving their problems but if I’m going to push the company forward quickly I need to be really thinking and working like a true sales person. I’ve been using the free platform for a long time now but the features the paid sales pro version gives you definitely is worth the cost of $70 a month. We need to line up our sales pipeline before heading over to Japan in October.We celebrated the end of September with Riverfire and Mel’s bday (on the same night). 22089333_1708312739199128_994331136925662146_n

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