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Outsourcing Financial Planning for Small Businesses

When you’re running a small business it’s a real juggle and you can’t do everything all at once.   As your business starts growing you’ll need all the help you can get with book keeping, admin and financial planning, but how do you go about hiring the right people?  Where do you start?  What about the expense, risks This is where outsourcing can really help you tackle all those things at the same time. Hiring another company or an individual to do these tasks can alleviate the stress and save you time and money. They can either be onsite or offsite (remote working).  
Outsourcing comes with a lot of advantages and disadvantages, find out more from our Partner: Paperwork Magic:  


Tell us about you: What do you exactly do? 

I’m the founder of Paperwork Magic, think of me as a panadol for your financial services headaches. we are passionate about helping you have more client facing time, to write more business and make everyone more money. We work in the financial services area, I negotiate new business, build teams, sign off service agreements and keep the wheels turning. I’m also a business coach and will help you organize your office and create routines to get results. 


What type of Financial Support do you provide? 

Working with financial planners, licensees, mortgage brokers and accountants, we provide an outsource solution to your back office nightmare, where you’re drowning in paperwork and can’t close business until it’s done.  What I offer is a professional, confidential and motivated service to help your business turnaround. I have specialist staff that produce quality Statements of Advice (SOA) and loan documentation and assist with administration and compliance.   pexels-photo-1253591

Why should a small business get financial support? 

In small business, you have to back yourself all the time, 100%. To make money, you need to focus on what you do best, which is often being out the front, talking with clients. If you delay doing the tasks that need to be done because you don’t like them, don’t want to do them, then you keep yourself from being productive. Outsourcing, or delegating those tasks helps with turning over business.   

With your services, how do you help small businesses improve their productivity and improve their process? 

I provide business and organisational coaching. I will look at your current processes, map them out, then discuss what you want your business to look like. Then, I  provide a road map of actions to make that happen. Sometimes, it’s as simple as getting a whiteboard and a spreadsheet set up. Other times, it has to do with reorganisation and growing the business model.   

What tips or suggestions can you provide to small business owners?  

  • Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. 
  • Don’t stand in your own way on the road to success. 
  • If you need help, get some. 
  • Routines and organisation help. 
  • Take time to do a business plan and revise it every year, at a minimum.  
  Outsourcing isn’t for everyone. But with proper research and planning you can easily determine if it’s right for you and if it fits your needs. Find out more from Allison Hays of Paperwork Magic by visiting their site or giving them a call at 07 3394 8470 

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