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How important is Social Media Marketing for your small business?

In today’s digital era, social media is rapidly becoming the most important part of digital marketing. In fact, about 90% of marketers claim that using social media generates much more exposure, brand awareness and better customer satisfaction.  Social media is used to communicate and create a voice for companies.  Yet, many businesses still aren’t seeing the benefits of using this platform to grow their business and some are also struggling to get started. We’ve interviewed our trusted partner and social media expert Ashlee Fleming of Clique Social to give a better insight on how Social Media can be advantageous to your company and how to help you get started.
Tell us about you: What do you exactly do?                                                                                     Clique Social specialises in Social Media activations, campaigns and long term management for businesses.  What distinguishes your from your competitors?                                                                        Social is what we do all day every day! A lot of businesses provide social media services as an add on to their primary business, but at Clique Social we focus on social and social only – this enables us to get the best results for our clients. We also endeavour to provide a very personalised service, clients are not just a number on an account manager’s books with us.   What social sites do you think companies should invest in or be paying attention for marketing opportunities?                      The answer to this is simple, yet can be different for every business – you need to be where ever your customers are. Take time in researching where this is, and how they are using different platforms, and invest accordingly.  Why is it important for companies or brands to start doing social media marketing? (benefits)                                                                It is becoming more evident that social media is not something that can be ignored (if you’re still ignoring it, it’s likely you’re being left behind!). Social media is a very cost effective, measurable and direct way to target your audience. There is no other medium available that offers the precision of targeting and reporting that social media does. When utilised well, results can be astronomical.  How do you measure a company’s/brand’s success when using Social Media Marketing?                                                                  Success is based upon initial goals. Goals may vary, but a few things we look at are; Leads, engagement rates, online sales, database generation, fan base increases, reach & public awareness.  Social Media Marketing right now is the most powerful way for businesses to reach prospects and customers. If you are looking to learn more detailed information about how to implement social media to your small business, you can reach out to  Ashlee via her website anytime. 

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