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Help! I've spilled my drink over my laptop

One minute you’re working away on your laptop, the next you’re looking at your keyboard now submerged in coffee, soft drink or your favourite glass of vino! (wine).

Panic sets in whilst you start researching for the right article that can help you save your device. Is this end of the world?  Not necessarily, there’s a good chance you can save your device if you act quickly. Time is of the Essence!


We’ve narrowed down a quick 3 step plan to help you rescue your precious device.

  1. Switch Off – Turn off your device, unplug it and all other detachable components such as flash drives, DVDs, and remove the battery at once.
  2. Dry your machine – Remove excess liquid from your device with a cloth or paper towel (any lint-free absorbent fabric) and turn your laptop over facing away from you. Tilt it from side to side and from front and back in a gentle rocking motion to help the liquid escape from all sides.
  3. At this point, you should quickly take your device to a repair shop or if that is not an option you can try and fix it yourself by following a DIY method below:
  • Get an uncooked bag of rice (1KG) … and include the battery when you submerge into the rice
  • Leave it submerged for 72 hours
  • The uncooked rice will absorb the excess moisture if you have been quick on the above 3 points.
  • After 72 hours, Turn on your laptop (without plugging in your battery at this stage, just plug it into the mains power) and if it turns on correctly you can switch it off again and plug your battery back in and turn it on.

Remember that if you want to take the DIY approach then you must act quickly.  Please note – Warranty is void as soon as you spill liquid on it. To avoid this from happening to your computer a great option would be to buy a keyboard cover to protect your keyboard from spills. You can also get a waterproof laptop skin for the top and bottom part of your case and lastly a waterproof screen protector as well.

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