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Embracing Change & Working Remotely

Ever felt like you’re stuck in a four-walled room and merely living from one paycheck to another?


Sad, isn’t it? That’s a sign that you no longer love your job and that you are only tolerating it for the sake of working and getting paid. How would you feel if I tell you that there are far better opportunities outside the office where you’re sitting at right now? If you crave the outdoors and you love to travel around, then I believe that the “remote-working” lifestyle is perfect for you.


Remote working is quickly gaining popularity all over the world. Employers from well-developed countries like Australia, UK and the USA have started employing virtual assistants and telemarketers from Asia, the Philippines mainly.

Why is this so?


The main reason is, it saves them a lot of money, their expenses are cut, in so far as office rental, equipment, and other miscellaneous things are concerned. On the part of the remote workers, they don’t have to worry about the stress of commuting to work every single day because they can work at the comforts of their home, or anywhere they feel like working. For people who crave new surroundings, this will definitely give them happiness. The idea of being able to work elsewhere is too enticing for a wandering soul.

Second, remote working offers flexibility to both the employer and the employee. In case there is an urgent job that needs to be done, the employer can request his employee to work an additional hour or two, or even over the weekend if the latter agrees. How is this an advantage to the employee? Unlike in office-based jobs where your presence is crucial, you can easily ask for a day-off from your employer if you are not feeling well without going through the tedious process of actually heading to work and staying in the clinic the entire shift. That for me, is unreasonable, and a waste of time. Say, you have a fever, do you really have to go to the doctor to get a prescription to prove that you’ve been sick when you can stay at home, take your medicine and rest?

Third, the Philippines is like a gold mine of workers with different skills and what most people don’t know is, us, Filipinos, are well-educated because our culture puts great value on education. The ironic thing is, even if you have a degree from a good school, it’s hard to find a well-compensated job because of the competition and the scarcity of job vacancies, and that’s why when these “remote-working” jobs sprung, it has opened new doors of opportunities.

If at this point you still feel like you’re getting tired of your daily routine and you’re not happy with your job anymore because there’s no career growth and you’re merely stuck in the office, maybe it’s time that you embrace change and consider working remotely.

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