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How safe do you think your credentials are in the digital world?

Here are some figures that would scare anyone:

Credential Monitoring

You can make sure you are not a part of those alarming statistics with Credential Monitoring. Credential Monitoring scours the Dark Web for you and finds any leaked credentials with sophisticated intelligence, and proactively monitors if your organization has had a data breach. This service scours millions of sources including:

These are the online spaces where your leaked credentials and information are snapped up and sold, giving away the keys to your company’s network and the treasure trove of data that comes with it.

And if you think this won’t happen to you because your business isn’t a large one, think again. Small and medium-size businesses are often the principle targets. Thousands of individuals and businesses are exploited every day by cyber criminals and the cold reality is most of us have been their victims. Information like our passwords, email addresses and credit card information are just floating around on the Dark Web for criminals to use in exploiting us, as well as our employers, employees and businesses. It’s so important to be prepared for those hackers that you and your business are up against because they are a diverse group coming from a variety of places, and they can include:

Leaked Credentials

It is very important to do everything you can to protect the assets of your organization no matter how sophisticated your network security is. Your compromised or stolen data will end up on the Dark Web where criminals buy and sell it to commit fraud, get fake identity documents, or use it to fund criminal organizations.

Now you can take action to stop this cycle for the benefit of your business and those within it. You can trust Credential Monitoring is the reliable way to secure your business credentials by identifying, analysing and proactively monitoring your organization’s compromised or stolen data.