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COVID-19 has and continues to have a huge impact on the livelihood of millions around the world. In the business world, it has forced a change in how we work. For years businesses have been slowly moving towards an online connected future for daily operations, however, in 2020 the business world has been forced to take a large leap of faith into a digital future.

Here at CROFTI it’s been exciting to work with businesses to quickly accommodate a distributed workforce and watch as it has brought new, innovative ideas to the forefront. Businesses have been able to realise what can be achieved in a short time and that staff can adapt when needed. This is not to say it has been easy for all, for this is surely not the case, but it has broken down many barriers to digital change that was there for many before.

Staff has adapted to working with such tools as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, and other digital communication channels, with some businesses seeing an increase in communication between staff due to the change to a digital interface. Business owners have also had to face a shift in working where there is no physical central oversight of staff. The hard truth here is that individuals have had to quickly get used to this new world, though as they have gotten used to the new status quo, many now do not wish to return to the old way of working.

Coming out of this worldwide situation, business is in a unique position in that many now have the experience of having gone through a large digital change. If we as businesses can hold on to this momentum imagine where business will be in another year.