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Power 2 Brisbane

Safely secured data and backup system implemented.

The Project

Our first priority was to help this business get their tech to work seamlessly. Not an easy task, it required dedicated time and planning –– ensuring that all data was kept safe and available (something that was not done so well in the past). Soon, we could see that not only were Power 2 Brisbane experiencing data loss, but their use of technology and applications was very messy overall. It took a lot of unnecessary “working around” just to get simple tasks completed.

The Challenges

The loss of data was an expensive exercise for the business to go through. They definitely didn’t want this to occur again. Their previous support provider had made many guarantees that their data was safe. This was revealed to be false. Subsequently, the organisation’s confidence and trust in the system was eroded and this factor was compounded by an erratic interchange of applications and hardware usage. Our task was to tidy up and improve ease-of-access. We knew that finding a simple process was going to be a challenge.

The Approach

Transparency and communication needed to become the primary focus of every activity. We at CROFTI analysed their application and systems use (including frequency of access). This allowed us to create a unified setup for this business –– one that would take all that was necessary and distil it into the one single system. With data now consolidated, backups were made easier to initiate, manage and maintain. Appropriate staff were afforded visibility of these backups, making daily operations significantly smoother and easier to run.


CROFTI implemented the relocation of all applications to a single platform, with redundant backup services allowing any hardware issue to be circumvented within 5 minutes. It’s important to recognise that when dealing with older applications and software that there are still issues from time to time. However, we put the business’s backup and recovery system to the test and a successful recovery was achieved, with no data loss. Power 2 Brisbane are now assured that their business is 100% secure.

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